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Emmanuel Durand

Keyboard user coding computer graphics-related projects. Also, does some science.

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I am a coder / researcher with a PhD in Computer Graphics from Arts et Métiers ParisTech. Aside from that I am also an engineer (from the same school), and I have a MSc in Simulation and Virtual Reality.

Currently, I work at the Society for Arts and Technology in Montreal (also named SAT) as a researcher / developer. I spend my time there coding tools useful either to pursue research, ease and extend the usability of the devices we have, or help artists with their projects. My code can be found on my Github page and on the SAT Metalab repository.

I am mainly interested in everything 3D (modeling, rendering, OpenGL…), photography (especially computational photography, I lack time to do real photography), videogames (love indies, but I lack time for this too), space and dinosaurs.

The goal of this website is to force myself to keep my most interesting tests / ideas / prototypes a little bit organized and visible, and possibly to share with anyone who is interested. Also note that it is best viewed on a desktop computer, even if I did my best (as a non web-developer) to make it look fine everywhere.