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Emmanuel Durand

Keyboard interface doing computer graphics-related projects. Also, some science.

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I am a coder / researcher with a PhD in Computer Graphics from Arts et Métiers ParisTech. Aside from that I am also an engineer (from the same school), and I have a MSc in Simulation and Virtual Reality.

With Nicolas Bouillot and Michał Seta, I co-founded the Lab148 cooperative which provides services around R&D, software development and digital physical (and less physical) installations.

Previously I worked at the Society for Arts and Technology in Montreal (also named SAT) as co-director of research. Aside from writing grant applications, I spent my time there coding tools useful either to pursue research, ease and extend the usability of the devices we have, or help artists with their projects.

My code can be found on my Gitlab and Github pages.

I am mainly interested in everything 3D (modeling, rendering, interactivity…), machine learning, photography (especially computational photography), videogames (mostly indie games these days), and space stuff.

Feel free to contact me for a small chat, talking about a project you have or what you do with some of the software I contribute to!